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Sunday, 6 December 2015

BasketBall Dream Land

Immediately I step into the wonder world of basketball dreamland. I stop and stare. Literally everything is to do with basketball.

I look to the right and see some large houses with big black stripes covering the window and walls that feel like squishy rubber. And the size of them, man, as tall as the Empire State Building and as long as a football field. I trot over to see a shiny, bald, mystery object. 10 seconds later I'm over there, and of course it is a basketball There's got to be a basketball court in B.D.L. 

I take another step, onto the glimmering, sparkly wood, however there's stands surrounding me. I have wee moment in my head, pretending to be like an Olympian at Coventry stadium, winning a gold and everyone's cheering me on. 

When I walk out of the stadium, I catch glimpse in my eye of a sign saying “We are closing in 15 minutes”. No!!! The best day of my life is over!!!. As I'm leaving, I notice a big basketball-shaped guy twirling and stomping his big shoes towards me. He has a massive orange head and has a giant, black NBA t-shirt and shorts. Now I realise who it is... It's Mr. Basketball who owns this place and this is where he lives. He has a quick chat to me be about the basketball dreamland. 
“Do you enjoy it here?” 
Obviously I say “Absolutely!” 
So we go on and on about this place, and on his last sentence he says “Would you like a free pass that never gets expired, so you can come here again?”
“Heck yeah!” I replied. I was so happy knowing that I could come to back to my favourite place on earth: BASKETBALL DREAMLAND.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Wet in Wild

I open my eyes. I'm walking up the metal, freezing, numb cold stairs, dying to get to the top. I’m carrying a large water tube with four holes, so four people can sit in it, which was annoying because my arms couldn't really fit around it, and I kept accidentally dropping it. It felt just like climbing to the top of the shivering Mount Everest. But I'm filled with exhilaration and excitement. 
I soon stand facing what I'm about to get swallowed into like a hungry snake, sucked into like a vacuum. I take a huge, deep breath, thinking it will be my last.
As I look through the dark circular hole I hear water gushing up the sides and out the jets. People are screaming at the top of their lungs. 
Before I go on this fierce & thrilling ride,I have one more look at what I'm about to go through with.
Here we go. It's my turn. 1st foot into the freezing cold water, 2nd foot into the freezing cold water. My friend and his dad climb in beside me. The lifeguard announces “you ready?” I want to say no, but then I will sound like a chicken.
30 seconds later the lifeguard pushes our tube. We make a sharp turn to the left, and we slide  up the side and I thought I was going to fall out. Straight after that we stop and you can is a tunnel going straight down ahead of us...the tornado.
Then a magic voice says “”3 2 1...” 
“Arhh!!!” We're plummeting, speeding & free falling down a deep dark hole. Excitement is rushing through me as fast as a river. 
I'm think this is the of Luke Pauling… We go down a giant drop then go up & then come back down, backwards this time! We zoomed under a small waterfall that was bucketing down, then with a bump, we landed in the smooth pool at the bottom.
Wow!!! I made it down. I would do that again, but the line is too long.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The remote argument

I was happily watching Shortland Street until my annoying brother came in the room.
“Give me the remote” he snapped.
Next minute, he try's to get the remote off me. 
“Hey what are you doing?” I held it away from him, keeping the remote safe.
“I want the remote” he growled.
“Naa! I'm watching the hour long episode.”
“I don't care what you’re watching, I'm still getting the remote right now.”
“Whatever. Just wait and see, sure.”
“You want to start an argument?”
That minute, mum came into the room, telling him off.
She sent him to his room. Relieved, I turned back to my show.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

The NBA game

The NBA game

Madison Square Garden is a massive arena where sports events and concerts are played.  It is also one of the biggest arenas in America.

When I first walk in to see the basketball game there was a bright, beautiful court that was as shiny as the sun. I especially loved the Knicks logo at centre court it looked 3D. At each end of the court there were comfy, squishy, black, seats as well as the VIP court sideseats. My dream is to sit there and when I win the lottery I will.  When I looked up top there was a giant jumbo screen towering over the court, raising above the NBA players. They have the screen because when people are seated up in the top rows they can see the game properly. I heard the crowd roaring, the rumbling of excitement was so loud.

Overall it was a great experience to go and  watch a "b" ball game there. It gave me many great feelings, happy ones of course. When I was at Madison Square Garden I was more excited than waking up on Christmas morning.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Art reflection

Our school has been focusing this term on the Arts just like acting singing and dancing. Our whole school went to Victoria park in the city to sort of show off to the families and public our performances.  My performance was great because we remembered most of our lines and worked together. Some highlights were listening to some good songs, our class performances, my parents being there, helping out and the twirly chocolate things in the food truck. 
 I also got involved the audience when my friends were singing to make the adults clap. I also could of done more projecting with my voice, talk a little slower.

I also saw people bonding together for example people chatting and talking about the different performances and how they were saying how awesome it was. the Maori word for all of this plus more Is called kotahitanga.

Overall I think the families in the audience liked our groups play, my mum also said great performance buddy. Here is a link to our dance.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Speech jelly fish

Can you remember a time you didn't listen to the rules and there were painful consequences? Like perhaps you didn't listen when someone told you to tie up your shoelaces and you tripped over, or you were playing a game you were not allowed to play and you hurt yourself.

One day at the start of the year, I was driving to a local beach in Miami near our hotel. I was filled with excitement and motivation to hit the water and try surfing. When we got there I galloped to the ocean. But there was small problem… no one wanted to go in because it was too freezing. I was like “I'll go then, and not be a bock bock chicken!”

So soon I was zooming to the sea with my surfboard. I saw the instructor and he went on and on about the instructions. Finally when he was done I'm racing into the water. But suddenly I hear a Big Bang Boom Pow! I look to my right, it's a massive wave chasing me. So quickly, like Usain Bolt I start peeling back. I'm almost at the shore but before I knew it smack! I got a gianormous fright. I got dragged underwater by a wave. I screech “Help! Help!” There is no answer back. Fortunately I pull myself back up. Unfortunately my leg goes numb.

I'm freaking out. I don't know what is going on. I look down and I see a long skinny jellyfish curled and wrapped around my leg. I know that it has stung me. Then I spotted my leg going bright pink. I feel paralysed. It was excruciatingly painful. It felt like 100 nails jamming in my leg. I'm on the sand lying there, then I look up with a glare and I see my dad’s face. He picks me up and carries me back to a safe taxi.

And my day that was meant to be so exciting and successful got destroyed. So the lesson learnt from this is if you learn something new, always follow the rules.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Maori reflection

I was learning about Maori rituals from the start of term one to the end of term two.

To be honest I didn't know that much at the start of the year but now I feel a little more confident.

What changed? We went on heaps of trips to a marae and learnt heaps of waiata, songs. I participated in a poroporoaki which is a farewell ceremony and a karakia which is a prayer before we eat.

It is important because it's the culture of my country. My goal in the future is when my parents asked me what I have been learning I'll say straight away it's Maori ritual and tell, them what it is but I still need to learn some more.

Here is an audio link to our performances and explanations about our learning.