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Thursday, 30 April 2015


Splash! I dived into the pool ripping down to the bottom.  Suddenly I spotted this green thing. I got out, put on my goggles and jumped back in. I looked down and said in my head  “Holy guacamole it's a green iguana!”  I tried not to be annoyed with the freezing, unheated antarctic, low temperature, of the icy cold, pool. I knew I would feel horrible if I don't try my best to save this lizard. I lurched up and out of the pool and I let him get some air. Then he coughed up a bit of water and ran away.  I still felt pretty proud for myself.


  1. Great idea but it's a shame it ran away without thanking you well done again

  2. Hi Luke I was so scared when you said that the lizard was at bottom of the pool. But I was so amazed by what you did.It was so cool that you saved that lizard I wonder were he or she is now? I loved your story so much.