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Monday, 29 June 2015

Inquiry reflection

During the term for inquiry I learnt a lot of new things about rubbish and why it's bad that it goes in our waterways. I created a flier that helped people know not to drop rubbish so it can keep the waterway healthy and clean and to keep the wildlife safe and sound. Some strategies I used to help me were to ask classmates and experts about how make my flier look better on the computer, and did several drafts to improve on them and I asked for feedback most sessions. For example I asked "does this paragraph look good there?" And got them to check the spelling and punctuation was all good.

  • I also showed the qualities of a scientist some were using evidence with surveys to see if the waterways were healthy.

  • I  used a method by catching Macroinvertebrates using a stick and a sieve.

  • Another quality that I used was scientific words like erosion, ecosystem, turbidity, aquifers, water clarity, didymo, algae, sediment, riparian zone, invertebrates, and ecosystem.

Overall I think my buddy and I went well I especially on trying to find good places to sit for our learning.

This is a flier that tells people not to rubbish in our waterways.

This is called a strugglometer.  It shows what strategies you are learning.

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