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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Art reflection

Our school has been focusing this term on the Arts just like acting singing and dancing. Our whole school went to Victoria park in the city to sort of show off to the families and public our performances.  My performance was great because we remembered most of our lines and worked together. Some highlights were listening to some good songs, our class performances, my parents being there, helping out and the twirly chocolate things in the food truck. 
 I also got involved the audience when my friends were singing to make the adults clap. I also could of done more projecting with my voice, talk a little slower.

I also saw people bonding together for example people chatting and talking about the different performances and how they were saying how awesome it was. the Maori word for all of this plus more Is called kotahitanga.

Overall I think the families in the audience liked our groups play, my mum also said great performance buddy. Here is a link to our dance.

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