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Monday, 21 September 2015

Speech jelly fish

Can you remember a time you didn't listen to the rules and there were painful consequences? Like perhaps you didn't listen when someone told you to tie up your shoelaces and you tripped over, or you were playing a game you were not allowed to play and you hurt yourself.

One day at the start of the year, I was driving to a local beach in Miami near our hotel. I was filled with excitement and motivation to hit the water and try surfing. When we got there I galloped to the ocean. But there was small problem… no one wanted to go in because it was too freezing. I was like “I'll go then, and not be a bock bock chicken!”

So soon I was zooming to the sea with my surfboard. I saw the instructor and he went on and on about the instructions. Finally when he was done I'm racing into the water. But suddenly I hear a Big Bang Boom Pow! I look to my right, it's a massive wave chasing me. So quickly, like Usain Bolt I start peeling back. I'm almost at the shore but before I knew it smack! I got a gianormous fright. I got dragged underwater by a wave. I screech “Help! Help!” There is no answer back. Fortunately I pull myself back up. Unfortunately my leg goes numb.

I'm freaking out. I don't know what is going on. I look down and I see a long skinny jellyfish curled and wrapped around my leg. I know that it has stung me. Then I spotted my leg going bright pink. I feel paralysed. It was excruciatingly painful. It felt like 100 nails jamming in my leg. I'm on the sand lying there, then I look up with a glare and I see my dad’s face. He picks me up and carries me back to a safe taxi.

And my day that was meant to be so exciting and successful got destroyed. So the lesson learnt from this is if you learn something new, always follow the rules.


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