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Thursday, 24 September 2015

The NBA game

The NBA game

Madison Square Garden is a massive arena where sports events and concerts are played.  It is also one of the biggest arenas in America.

When I first walk in to see the basketball game there was a bright, beautiful court that was as shiny as the sun. I especially loved the Knicks logo at centre court it looked 3D. At each end of the court there were comfy, squishy, black, seats as well as the VIP court sideseats. My dream is to sit there and when I win the lottery I will.  When I looked up top there was a giant jumbo screen towering over the court, raising above the NBA players. They have the screen because when people are seated up in the top rows they can see the game properly. I heard the crowd roaring, the rumbling of excitement was so loud.

Overall it was a great experience to go and  watch a "b" ball game there. It gave me many great feelings, happy ones of course. When I was at Madison Square Garden I was more excited than waking up on Christmas morning.

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  1. Wow you built a great picture in my mind of what happens in an NBA arena it built a great picture in my mind. I like it when you said jumbo screen towering over the court raising over the players