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Monday, 9 November 2015

Wet in Wild

I open my eyes. I'm walking up the metal, freezing, numb cold stairs, dying to get to the top. I’m carrying a large water tube with four holes, so four people can sit in it, which was annoying because my arms couldn't really fit around it, and I kept accidentally dropping it. It felt just like climbing to the top of the shivering Mount Everest. But I'm filled with exhilaration and excitement. 
I soon stand facing what I'm about to get swallowed into like a hungry snake, sucked into like a vacuum. I take a huge, deep breath, thinking it will be my last.
As I look through the dark circular hole I hear water gushing up the sides and out the jets. People are screaming at the top of their lungs. 
Before I go on this fierce & thrilling ride,I have one more look at what I'm about to go through with.
Here we go. It's my turn. 1st foot into the freezing cold water, 2nd foot into the freezing cold water. My friend and his dad climb in beside me. The lifeguard announces “you ready?” I want to say no, but then I will sound like a chicken.
30 seconds later the lifeguard pushes our tube. We make a sharp turn to the left, and we slide  up the side and I thought I was going to fall out. Straight after that we stop and you can is a tunnel going straight down ahead of us...the tornado.
Then a magic voice says “”3 2 1...” 
“Arhh!!!” We're plummeting, speeding & free falling down a deep dark hole. Excitement is rushing through me as fast as a river. 
I'm think this is the of Luke Pauling… We go down a giant drop then go up & then come back down, backwards this time! We zoomed under a small waterfall that was bucketing down, then with a bump, we landed in the smooth pool at the bottom.
Wow!!! I made it down. I would do that again, but the line is too long.

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