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Sunday, 6 December 2015

BasketBall Dream Land

Immediately I step into the wonder world of basketball dreamland. I stop and stare. Literally everything is to do with basketball.

I look to the right and see some large houses with big black stripes covering the window and walls that feel like squishy rubber. And the size of them, man, as tall as the Empire State Building and as long as a football field. I trot over to see a shiny, bald, mystery object. 10 seconds later I'm over there, and of course it is a basketball There's got to be a basketball court in B.D.L. 

I take another step, onto the glimmering, sparkly wood, however there's stands surrounding me. I have wee moment in my head, pretending to be like an Olympian at Coventry stadium, winning a gold and everyone's cheering me on. 

When I walk out of the stadium, I catch glimpse in my eye of a sign saying “We are closing in 15 minutes”. No!!! The best day of my life is over!!!. As I'm leaving, I notice a big basketball-shaped guy twirling and stomping his big shoes towards me. He has a massive orange head and has a giant, black NBA t-shirt and shorts. Now I realise who it is... It's Mr. Basketball who owns this place and this is where he lives. He has a quick chat to me be about the basketball dreamland. 
“Do you enjoy it here?” 
Obviously I say “Absolutely!” 
So we go on and on about this place, and on his last sentence he says “Would you like a free pass that never gets expired, so you can come here again?”
“Heck yeah!” I replied. I was so happy knowing that I could come to back to my favourite place on earth: BASKETBALL DREAMLAND.

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